GHCT Committee

You have done so much to move GHCT forwards and we are all most grateful. [1/8/17]

We would hate to loose you… early days and you are doing so much for our systems and organisation [26/6/17]

He drew attention to Glenn’s splendid organisation of Ride and Stride, which had raised a record amount of money in 2016 [2017 AGM Minutes 7/6/17]

Your research into the Data Protection Act is a great help and timely. I doubt if anyone here knows as much as you now do. [15/5/17]

We are hugely indebted to Glenn, our new County Organiser. Glenn has worked tirelessly for us: he has quadrupled the number of churches in our database and built our Event Map showing the exact location of all 596 known churches in our region. Closer to the event, the map will show you which churches plan to be open and you can use it to plan your route – find out if they have people to welcome you, toilets and refreshments too. [2016 Annual Report 23/3/17]

Without you Glenn we wouldn’t have achieved half as much. You’ve given us such confidence for the future of GHCT. [6/2/17]

You have achieved a hell of a lot. [6/2/17]

Well done Glenn. You don’t hang around!! [1/2/17]

It shows how the effort and time you have put in has been so worthwhile. GHCT is lucky to have you striving for it. [14/12/16]

The grants website has been useful, so has the R and S website and so has having the accounts from the churches. Doesn’t necessarily make the decision any easier but it’s a quantum leap in terms of hard info as opposed to what’s on the application form. [4/12/16]

You have certainly brought a more disciplined approach to the game! [1/12/16]

Your many emails are most informative about the success of Ride and Stride under your guidance. [14/11/16]

Thanks so much for this. It really is excellent, and so helpful. [9/11/16]

I much enjoyed meeting you Glenn. We are lucky to have found someone with your ability, charm and humour to help the cause. [9/6/16]