Need Extra Business Support?

Small businesses know how to do their jobs but what about all those computer-based jobs that need doing? You might like to consider getting help with those! Common issues include writing and maintaining your website, setting up professional email addresses, office security, data backup and computer networking.

Business Administration

We could help you produce professional letters, emails and invoices; accountant-friendly electronic business accounts; protect crucial customer data and keep working if your computer becomes unavailable; obtain free office tools.

Process Control

We can help you design your processes so you can be more consistent with customers; document your existing processes; learn to use the computer more efficiently; handle client data correctly.

Staff Training

We could you provide you with a custom training plan for your staff; help you identify the best computer programs for doing specific jobs, set them up and teach you how to use them.

This is just a small selection of the tasks we could help you with; feel free to enquire if you need something else.