IT Support for Charities and Community Groups

Most people like to support charities and community groups whether it is by making financial donations, donating goods or helping out in a practical way. Their work can be of critical importance to the people they help. We don’t think it is morally defensible to make excessive profits from anyone in particular but especially not from vulnerable people and the kind of charities and community groups that struggle financially and who help people who really need it.

Office Tools

Are you a registered charity in the UK? Do you need word processing, publishing, spreadsheets, presentations and database software? There are a few free options available but do you know you can get the best in class software, Microsoft 365, FREE for life?

IT Review

The correct use of computers can streamline processes making people more productive and freeing up time. If you would like an assessment and maybe some help designing your systems, documenting them and training your volunteers then we can help.

Helping Hand

Maybe you can't do it all and would like to have some help with some of your computer tasks on a regular basis to free you up for your primary work? Please call us in for a meeting to discuss your needs because you might be pleasantly surprised at how feasible this could be.

This is just a small selection of the tasks we could help you with; feel free to enquire if you need something else.