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Charities and Community Groups

Most people like to support charities and community groups whether it is by making financial donations, donating goods or helping out in a practical way. Their work can be of critical importance to the people they help. We don’t think it is morally defensible to make excessive profits from anyone in particular but especially not from vulnerable people and the kind of charities and community groups that struggle financially and who help people who really need it. More businesses should help good causes like this.

The correct use of computers can streamline processes making people more productive and freeing up more time. It might be that things are already pretty good, let’s hope so, but if you would like a review of the way you do things and maybe some help designing your systems, documenting your systems and training your volunteers then maybe we can help?

Maybe you cant do it all and would like to have some help with some of your computer tasks on a regular basis to free you up for your primary work? Please call us in for a meeting to discuss this because you might be surprised at how feasible this could be.

Spera Computer Consultancy wants to help charities and community groups as part of its customer base but we can’t support too many as there are not enough hours in the day so please get in touch soon!

Supporting Local Churches

Periodically we offer some local church members IT support at a reduced rate as long as a donation is also made to help that church. For details, please see our church support page.

Examples of our work

In the past we have helped a local charity prepare IT equipment to use in hospitals overseas, ran a couple of Diabetes UK websites, supported a counselling charity in Stroud, helped with IT issues at the Multiple Sclerosis Unit, helped a local conservation charity, helped a local dog charity and sponsored a local youth football team.

Before the formation of Spera Computer Consultancy (and not in Gloucestershire) its owner was involved in helping the local Age Concern by computerising 4 year’s worth of accounts to prepare for official audit (to the penny, passed first time), supporting a local residential home in the production of promotional material to help them stay open, helping WRVS and designing the Citizen’s Advice Bureau’s Money Advice system, implementing it and training the staff and volunteers.