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General Public

Arguably, supporting members of the public provides the greatest variety of work. There are as many scenarios as there are households. Clearly there are people out there who know what they are doing and some perhaps that need a little help. Better to be safe than sorry if you are in the latter group. Rest assured that no-one knows it all.

These days, you need to tighten up on your security to try to stay one step ahead of the myriad of viruses and malware out there. You are only as strong as your weakest link so be consistent in your security across all of your devices including the devices owned by others in your household. Security is about risk management, there are few absolutes and the environment is always changing as perhaps is your attack profile.

You may need to network multiple devices in your home like computers, tablets, printers and your phones. You may just want to sort out sharing issues. When did you last backup your data? Not one to leave until it is too late.

Whatever your needs, we can try to help but you would be well advised to try to prevent the problems before they occur! Most of the work we do for the general public is recovering data from broken computers and try to repair infected computers. Invest in good practices to keep safe and remain vigilant, not complacent.

Please book you health check today! It might save you in the long run.