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Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens have been using computers without a problem for years and that’s no surprise but not everyone has worked with them or has grand-kids to show them how to do the things you want to do.

There are introductory computer courses around and we would urge people to look into them if that is what you need, some are even free! Alternatively, you could have a chat with us about having one-to-one tuition in your own home and at your own pace and learn just what you need to learn; you can design your own course to meet your personal needs.

We can also help with staying in touch with your family whether its by email, chatting, social media, video link or how about phoning your friends and family on your mobile for free for as long as you want – even if they are overseas?

Not sure about online banking and shopping online? Would like to get your groceries delivered to your home to save going out in bad weather? Have a relative or friend that you would like to do shopping for but they are too far away or you are too busy to visit often?

Having problems seeing, hearing, typing or using a mouse? Cannot get on with that laptop keyboard or mouse pad?

There are some situations that usually tend to occur as we get older and we are all getting older! Different groups of people have different needs for their computer systems and we want to understand your needs and are waiting to help you.