Spera Computer Consultancy Testimonials

Bob from Frampton
2 June 2020
In all my dealings with Glenn, I have found him to be efficient ,knowledgeable, professional and very conscientious. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.
Huntley Parish Council
2 March 2020
[New free hosted website] Looks good. You are an angel.
Jill from Elmore
2 June 2020
I have known Glenn for over twenty years and have used him professionally for about fifteen years when he has advised me and helped me with selecting the right computer and programs for me. I have always found his advice excellent and good value. He knows my needs, work wise, and he is very patient with people who do not have his depth of knowledge. Glenn is one of the few people that I trust for his integrity and kindness.
22 February 2020
You’re a star. Thank you so much.
Steve from Cheltenham
2 February 2020
Expert, wealth of experience and honest.
Ian from Stroud
6 November 2019
I think you are doing a great job and are thinking about things that I wouldn't know were things to even think about. Thanks,Glenn. Really helpful. You are working very hard and doing a great job for us.
Jill from Gloucester
13 September 2018
Yes, ok, go ahead. You are a genius! ... Pleased to hear and well done. Couldn’t have done it without you!
Church Fundraisers (£189,000 raised in 4 years when we organised the GHCT charity fundraising event)
17 February 2020
Just to confirm that the Ride and Stride money did arrive safely in the church account in December. I remain very grateful for the reassurance you provided. I hope that you can look back with pride on the huge amount of work you did to make Ride and Stride such a successful event over the past few years.
6 January 2020
You are a star. The way you have run Ride and Stride has been exemplary. All the best.
24 December 2019
All the best and good luck for the future and thank you from me as a very ex Chairman for what you achieved while you were on the job!
29 September 2019
Some of us have appreciated all your effort to keep in touch with us all. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and to do our humble best to raise funds.
14 August 2017
All your digital stuff is very impressive – well done.
4 August 2017
Great idea for a map. Amazing skill at producing it! Well done!
5 June 2017
Best wishes for your endeavours, your organisation is super and you deserve great success.
22 May 2017
I do hope all is going well with your work. I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and commitment & we all owe you a big thank you.
20 May 2017
Very many thanks to you Glenn, for all the hard work, time and effort you put in to Ride and Stride.
19 May 2017
Looking forward to another very successful event. Thank you for all your hard work.
27 November 2016
Congratulations on the church status map – simply brilliant.
9 October 2016
Thanks for organising all this; it’s pretty impressive.
26 September 2016
Thanks for your comprehensive organisation. This is much appreciated.
18 July 2016
It was very helpful to talk to you. I’ll go and look at your website now.
Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust Committee
GHCT logo
14 January 2020
Thanks, Glenn. I am very glad you have been able to go out on high note. £51k is a truly astonishing figure: well done! But more than that it is good that your hard work has been recognised by the troops out in the churches – our supporters. I just wanted to say thank you for the excellently-presented records etc which I have collected, and have had a preliminary look through. The handover notes are very helpful and much appreciated. Well done again on the wonderful result for 2019, which reflects great credit on all your efforts.
GHCT logo
10 January 2020
Thanks Glenn. You have done a great job. Thank you.
GHCT logo
1 August 2017
You have done so much to move GHCT forwards and we are all most grateful.
GHCT logo
26 June 2017
We would hate to lose you; early days and you are doing so much for our systems and organisation.
GHCT logo
7 June 2017
He drew attention to Glenn’s splendid organisation of Ride and Stride, which had raised a record amount of money in 2016 (recorded in meeting minutes).
GHCT logo
15 May 2017
Your research into the Data Protection Act is a great help and timely. I doubt if anyone here knows as much as you now do.
GHCT logo
23 March 2017
We are hugely indebted to Glenn, our new County Organiser. Glenn has worked tirelessly for us: he has quadrupled the number of churches in our database and built our Event Map showing the exact location of all 596 known churches in our region. Closer to the event, the map will show you which churches plan to be open and you can use it to plan your route – find out if they have people to welcome you, toilets and refreshments too (from Annual Report).
GHCT logo
6 February 2017
Without you Glenn we wouldn’t have achieved half as much. You’ve given us such confidence for the future of GHCT.
GHCT logo
1 February 2017
Well done Glenn. You don’t hang around!!
GHCT logo
1 December 2016
You have certainly brought a more disciplined approach to the game!
GHCT logo
14 November 2016
Your many emails are most informative about the success of Ride and Stride under your guidance.
GHCT logo
9 November 2016
Thanks so much for this. It really is excellent, and so helpful.
GHCT logo
9 June 2016
I much enjoyed meeting you Glenn. We are lucky to have found someone with your ability, charm and humour to help the cause.
Bill from Gloucester
20 August 2016
I have found Glenn’s computer service to be prompt, efficient and reliable. I highly recommend him for computer work.